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  1. What a great film. My family is from Shelton and I spent many Memorial Day’s honoring those that fought for our country by placing flowers on the graves that mattered the most, my father, in the Shelton Cemetery. I had always seen this large and what I thought gaudy and inappropriate headstone. I had not yet learned the term mausoleum. I now have a different view of the mausoleum.
    When I saw Bev Thomas, at first I thought she was Donna because they look so much alike to me. I am related to Bev Thomas, but could not tell you how.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

  2. Great film! Really enjoyed it! I have lived in Shelton 8+ years and spent most of my childhood weekends here visiting my grandparents, uncles/aunts & cousins. I never new much about the Big House. Would be WONDERFUL to follow up on this story with the addition of the 4 Large Homes he also built for his 4 daughters here in Shelton. Shelton is celebrating its 150 anniversary this year and it would be a great thing to have more of the history known. My kids have been in school for 6 years and are not taught much history of the town.

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  4. Very cool
    Great film
    When we lived there on the 3rd floor we found checks that George wrote for thingvlike all the feed in Shelton
    In the basement there were growth lines of the girls as they grew
    The basement pumps that would allow to have running water upstairs
    The reliefs on the fire place of George
    All in all a great piece of history

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